Step 3, Part 2: Transfer Recording Requests

A method has been developed to lessen the burden of a transition from Rovi to EPG123 by providing a tool to translate Rovi recording requests into EPG123 recording requests and importing them into the WMC database. As part of the client setup procedure, Steps 1 – 4 below are performed automatically.


For any recording requests that are transferred over, be sure to verify the settings are correct in WMC, particularly the Channels setting. Channel numbers may have changed since the recording was first created and this may cause missed recording opportunities.

  1. Open the EPG123 Transfer Tool. The right panel will be populated with any recording requests currently in the WMC database.
    • Requests that are green are compatible with an EPG123 WMC database.
    • Any request can be cancelled by right-clicking the item and selecting Cancel.
  2. Click the [Open recordings backup file] button to import a recordings backup file. The file can be a standalone MXF file or as part of the compressed ZIP file created by the Backup Current WMC Configuration procedure.
  3. The contents of the backup file are analyzed and presented in the left panel.
    • Requests that are green are transferable into the EPG123 WMC database. These items are selected for transfer automatically.
    • Requests that are pink are Rovi requests that have not yet been translated to a Gracenote value. These items are not selectable and cannot be transferred to the WMC database.
  4. Click the [> > >] button to transfer the old recording requests to the WMC database.

For those series that have not yet been added to the translation table, a more manual method has been developed using the services provided by TheTVDB.


The remaining steps are not advised for non-USA users. Though some shows may appear to have a match and transfer over, the resulting EPG123 recording requests will probably not work.

  1. Right click the remaining series and select Match to open a new window with the MS/Rovi series information and TheTVDB title search results.
  1. Select the matching title in the TheTVDB title combo box and if it contains the ID for Gracenote, that will be presented in the Schedules Direct panel.
  2. Verify the Schedules Direct series displayed corresponds with the MS/Rovi series that is being transferred over and click the [Apply] button.
  3. Repeat steps 5 – 7 for all remaining requests on the left side.
  4. Click the [> > >] button to transfer the old recording requests to the WMC database.

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