Step 2: TV Setup

It is unclear what the TV Setup within WMC will look like once Microsoft retires their EPG service, but until that time comes it will be necessary to deny the Program Guide Terms of Service in order to prevent the legacy service from contaminating the guide.

  1. If the ‘Automatically proceed to next step’ option is not active, click the [Step 2: TV Setup] button when it is enabled to open WMC.
  2. Select [live tv setup] on the TV menu strip.
  1. Proceed with TV setup as normal until the ‘Program Guide Terms of Service’ screen. Select the ‘I do not agree’ radio button and click [Next]. Click the [OK] button on the warning prompt and proceed with the setup.
  1. If you are prompted to ‘Update TV Setup Data’, select the ‘No’ radio button and click [Next]. Click the [OK] button on the warning prompt and proceed with the setup.


If you have 5 or more tuners of any type (ATSC, ClearQAM, Cable, Digital Cable, DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C, etc.) and WMC TV Setup will only allow a maximum of 4 to be used, then the tuner limit increase tweak applied in Step 1 was overwritten. Exit WMC and EPG123 will verify the failed tweak and offer to apply it again and restart Step 2 from the beginning. To begin TV Setup in WMC again, select settings->TV->TV Signal->Set Up TV Signal and click the [Yes] button.


For CableCARD™ users, the activation and pairing of the card with the tuner remains valid even after performing Step 1. For all the setup pages related to activating the CableCARD™, just select the (Yes) bubbles and click the [Next] buttons to proceed. It will not be necessary to contact your cable provider to re-activate the card.

  1. For those with ATSC Over-the-Air (OTA) tuners and using Windows 7, additional setup will be required in order to receive your local VHF channels. Refer to Additional OTA Configuration.
  2. Close Windows Media Center.

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