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EPG123, along with Schedules Direct, is the most reliable and accurate TV listings provider for Windows Media Center.

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MS Retires EPG Service

MS Retires EPG Service

On 24 September 2019, Microsoft announced that they will retire their free electronic program guide service in January 2020. According to the announcement, in order to continue receiving TV Program Guide information on your Windows Media Center, you will need to configure an alternate TV listing provider.

There are only a handful of programs capable of providing guide listings to Windows Media Center, but none can match the richness, accuracy, reliability, and support provided by the combination of EPG123 and Schedules Direct.

If you use SiliconDust HDHomeRun tuners, subscribe to their DVR service, and receive listings for their slice guide, you may be able to import that data into WMC without any additional cost by using the HDHR2MXF utility included with EPG123. Australia and New Zealand are not yet supported.

Better Than The Old Data


A Schedules Direct membership gives access to the wonderful guide data provided by Gracenote (Nielsen) for 53 countries. Not only will the guide listings be accurate, but they will also contain the below:

  • TV and MPAA Parental Ratings
  • Actors with Character Names
  • Short and Long Synopsis
  • Quality Poster Art
  • Accurate Series Art
  • Meaningful TV Categories
  • Useable Movie Genres
  • Series and Season Premiere Flags
  • Correct New/Repeat Flags
  • Season and Episode Numbers
  • Station Logos
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Better Than The Old Data
Many Customizations

Many Customizations

There are a number of useful customizations available for the guide layout as well as some underlying WMC functions.

  • Font Size
  • Row height
  • Station Logo Size
  • Number of Main Guide Rows
  • Number of Mini-Guide Rows
  • Hide Program Details
  • Timespan of Guide Listings
  • Width of Channel Column
  • Hide Channel Numbers
  • Pause Buffer
  • Skip Forward/Backward Intervals
  • Guide Status Indicator on WMC Homepage
  • . . . more
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