v1.2.6 & 1.2.7 Release

05 December 2018

epg123Setup_v1.2.7.0.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10
epg123_v1.2.7.0.zip Portable package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10

Minor release that addresses some issues/concerns.

  • [improvement] Handle malformed JSON responses from Schedules Direct for lineup channels and mappings.
  • [fix] For lineups that have no channel number information, the program would ignore the channels. Now will accept the channels and use channel number -1.
  • [improvement] The construction of station logos will now include a small transparent border. This way whatever container it is displayed in, there will some space around it.
  • [fix] For programs without an OAD, will use date “1900-01-01” instead of “0001-01-01” for the XMLTV file. Some programs would choke on the latter.
  • [improvement] Will handle a null value for the required ShowType field of a program.
  • [fix] Found a case when adding lineups to the account, it may add the wrong one.
  • [improvement] The Transfer Tool will now be able to import some manually created program/series requests that had a different XML scheme.


20 October 2018

epg123Setup_v1.2.6.0.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10
epg123_v1.2.6.0.zip Portable package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10

Minor release that addresses some issues/concerns.

  • [fix] Since the message to delete the current task and create a new task is getting lost when updating from v1.2.1 and lower, I added code in the client that will adjust the location of the mxf file to import automatically.
  • [fix] Added a try/catch for the automatch routine to prevent an exception stopping the client from initiating a guide and recordings reindexing.
  • [improvement] I changed the logic and method behind the archiving of old trace.log files and determining the oldest to delete. Completely transparent to the majority of users and no impact to execution.
  • [improvement] Changed the format of the start and stop times in the XMLTV file to include offset hours in order to work with the NextPVR program. This is to work around an error currently in their code and has no side effects other than a slightly larger XMLTV file.

Message for Plex users. The option to use Plex friendly channel names has been removed. This may “break” your current mapping of guide listings to tuner channels. On a legal note, Schedules Direct informed/reminded the community that using Gracenote data through Schedules Direct for a “commercial product” is a violation of the Schedules Direct Terms of Service.