v1.2.0 & v1.2.1 Release

22 June 2018:

epg123Setup_v1.2.1.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1
epg123_v1.2.1_w7.zip Portable package for Win7
epg123_v1.2.1_w8.zip Portable package for Win8
epg123_v1.2.1_w8.1.zip Portable package for Win8.1


  • [Change] Downgraded the severity of an update available from a Warning to just Information. The exit code for a successful update with no errors or warnings, and an update available, will be a 1.
    • 0=SUCCESS; 1=SUCCESS with Upgrade Available; 47825=WARNING; 57005=ERROR

EPG123 Client

  • [Enhancement] Added the ability to delete lineups from the database. A user that has tried multiple lineups and/or moved to a different provider can now remove the unused lineups.
  • [Improvement] Improved the Client Setup routine. Found that sometimes it would not open and hide WMC successfully during Step 1 to properly prepare the new database for increased tuner limits.
  • [Enhancement] Added the ability to have an EPG123 status logo on the WMC Start Menu. Configuration is in the Tweak WMC window from the client. Default is the light accent logos with 100% opacity. The logo is updated upon each MXF file import.
    • The date stamp is when the status was updated (last MXF file import)
    • If the MXF file is older than 24 hours, logo will be a red ‘X’ assuming the updates are no longer occurring.

22 May 2018:

epg123Setup_v1.2.0.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1
epg123_v1.2.0_w7.zip Portable package for Win7
epg123_v1.2.0_w8.zip Portable package for Win8
epg123_v1.2.0_w8.1.zip Portable package for Win8.1


  • [enhancement] Restored using the ISO language codes to include regional languages.
  • [improvement] Slight improvement in downloading of station schedules. Your mileage may vary.
  • [enhancement] Added ability to download 2×3 series artwork instead of 4×3.

EPG123 Client

  • [improvement] Added some error correction and trapping when dealing with the object store.
  • [improvement] Greatly improved the reliability of deleting channels.
  • [enhancement] Added ability to Add channels (currently only ATSC, Digital Cable, and ClearQAM)
  • [improvement] Added indexing of the PVR schedule automatically after a MXF file import.
  • [improvement] Revamped the Client Setup routine for an even easier install experience. Also adds ability to increase tuner limits* even before running TV Setup in WMC.
  • [enhancement] Changes all recording request’s ‘anyLanguage’ attribute to true in order to avoid missing recordings due to changing from a language string to an ISO code.
  • [bonus] Running the executable with the -X argument (epg123Client.exe -x) will present 2 more buttons dealing with the object store. With Store Explorer, you can browse and change the contents of the store database directly.

* due to a flaw in the object store in accepting the letter ‘t’ for the TvSignalSetupParams, it is not possible to increase the tuner limits for everyone. The countries that the tuner increase will work for are:

  • AU – Australia
  • BE – Belgium
  • BR – Brazil
  • CA – Canada
  • CH – Switzerland
  • CN – China
  • CZ – Czechia
  • DE – Germany
  • DK – Denmark
  • ES – Spain
  • FI – Finland
  • FR – France
  • GB – United Kingdom
  • HK – Hong Kong
  • HU – Hungary
  • IE – Ireland
  • IN – India
  • JP – Japan
  • KR – Korea
  • MX – Mexico
  • NL – Netherlands
  • NO – Norway
  • NZ – New Zealand
  • PL – Poland
  • RU – Russian Federation
  • SE – Sweden
  • SG – Singapore
  • SK – Slovakia
  • US – United States
  • ZA – South Africa

The countries that will not work are:

  • IT – Italy
  • PT – Portugal
  • TR – Turkey
  • TW – Taiwan
  • Default – Everyone else