v1.1.16 & v1.1.17 Release

16 September 2017 – Part II:

epg123Setup_v1.1.17.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1
epg123_v1.1.17_w7.zip Portable package for Win7
epg123_v1.1.17_w8.zip Portable package for Win8
epg123_v1.1.17_w8.1.zip Portable package for Win8.1

There was a problem with v1.1.16 in handling program files cached by v1.1.15 for the new S/E numbers from TVDB feature. That has been fixed with v1.1.17. The silver lining to this is realizing that if anyone wants to take advantage of the new feature immediately, then you must clear the cache and rebuild/update to actually use the new data on programs that already exist in the guide.

16 September 2017:

epg123Setup_v1.1.16.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1
epg123_v1.1.16_w7.zip Portable package for Win7
epg123_v1.1.16_w8.zip Portable package for Win8
epg123_v1.1.16_w8.1.zip Portable package for Win8.1

Here are the changes in no particular order.


  • [feature] Added 2-letter language id codes all stations in the lineups.
  • [feature] Added option to prefix episode description with S/E numbers.
  • [feature] Added option to use TheTVDB.com S/E numbers as provided by Schedules Direct. If not available, it will use the Gracenote S/E numbers followed by production number as a last option.
  • [fix] Working the S/E code, found that production numbers were not being used in all cases.
  • [improvement] Column widths of list views now adjust to display DPI.
  • [change] Changed max number of days to download from 30 to 21. This ensures there is no confusion with the number of days available from Schedules Direct.
  • [fix] Program will no longer get stuck in a continuous loop when trying to configure TMDb when the API is down.
  • [stability] Improved robustness of the program when dealing with incomplete/incorrect responses from the SD API.
  • [fix] Will now try to retrieve movie coverart that was not possible in previous updates due to TMDb API being down.

EPG123 Client

  • [improvement] Will retry to import .mxf file after the initial attempt was aborted due to recording(s) in progress. Will try every 60 minutes, or 1 minute after current recording(s) are scheduled to complete, whichever is earlier. Will only retry for 5 hours and then abort if WMC is still recording.
  • [stability] Improved robustness of code to handle errors in the WMC database when populating the list views.

Transfer Tool

  • [improvement] Directly imports recording requests into WMC database rather than use loadmxf.exe.
  • [improvement] Now automatically kicks off the PvrSchedule task to index the new requests. Results should be pretty much immediate after transfer.
  • [fix] TheTVDB search strings were not URL encoded so would fail for titles containing invalid characters such as ampersands.