v1.1.9 & v1.1.10 Release

05 July 2017:

Sorry. I had planned on leaving the version response from SD at 1.1.9, but in light of the current problems with MS/Rovi guide the downloads for v1.1.10 far exceed the downloads for v1.1.9. I just changed the version response to v1.1.10.

04 July 2017:

epg123Setup_v1.1.10.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1
epg123_v1.1.10_w7.zip Portable package for Win7
epg123_v1.1.10_w8.zip Portable package for Win8
epg123_v1.1.10_w8.1.zip Portable package for Win8.1

Actually found out yesterday that there is a difference between WMC for Win8 and WMC for Win8.1. All previous builds of the client will not work for Win8. I have built a new version (1.1.10) which is the same as 1.1.9 with the following exceptions:

  • added a epg123Client build that supports Win8 in the installation package
  • changed the epg123Client reporting to the trace.log file to include which OS it was built for

For those running v1.1.9, no need to upgrade and I am going to leave the response from Schedules Direct at v1.1.9 to avoid the warnings in the event log for out-of-date software. This version would only be required for those trying to install EPG123 on a Win8 machine.

30 June 2017:

epg123Setup_v1.1.9.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8.1
epg123_v1.1.9_w7.zip Portable package for Win7
epg123_v1.1.9_w8.zip Portable package for Win8.1

Improved the station logo downloads and crops. Added some more protection to the initial installs to ensure steps are followed in the correct sequence.

  • [enhancement] now downloads/crops/resizes with the below rules:
    • if MCLXL is installed and configured for Big Logos, logos will be 225×75
    • if <BigLogosMCLXL> is true in epg123.cfg file, logos will be 225×75
    • otherwise, logos will be 144×64
  • [enhancement] when adding lineups you can now right-click a lineup from the search results to preview its channels.
  • [enhancement] will prevent any guide import if the tuners have not been setup (TV Setup). This avoids corrupting the database before you can even use it.
  • [enhancement] added progress window when downloading all SD logos. The downloaded logos will be cropped but not resized into the .\sdlogos folder.