v1.1.5, v1.1.6, v1.1.7, and 1.1.8 Release

18 June 2017: I lied, one more quick release. I wasn’t expecting this one.

epg123Setup_v1.1.8.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8+
epg123_v1.1.8_w7.zip Portable package for Win7
epg123_v1.1.8_w8.zip Portable package for Win8+

  • [enhancement] now have the option to download channel logos from Schedules Direct right into your guide. EPG123 will download, crop, resize, and save in the .\logos folder automatically. Currently logos are saved at 225×75 pixels which may change in the future or allow the option for 96×42 pixels. The initial build of the logos can take some time to process so be patient if you have a lot of channels you are downloading.


14 June 2017: A last quick release with some enhancements to mitigate some risks and recovery options

epg123Setup_v1.1.7.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8+
epg123_v1.1.7_w7.zip Portable package for Win7
epg123_v1.1.7_w8.zip Portable package for Win8+

  • [enhancement] added mutexes to ensure only 1 instance of EPG123 is running at a time, only 1 instance of the EPG123 Client GUI is running at a time, and only 1 instance of a guide import is running at a time. Avoids quite a few possible issues with SD API tokens and database access.
  • [enhancement] Every time the [Step 1: Clean Start] button is used, the ehome\backup files are backed up to your epg123\backup folder. The backup files that are backed up are the tuner configurations, scheduled recordings, and subscriptions which can be restored manually if things go wrong.
  • [enhancement] Every time the EPG123 configuration is changed, the epg123.cfg file is backed up to your epg123\backup folder.
  • [backtrack] Evidently no one appreciated using Zulu time in the log file. This has now been reverted back to using local time.

With the previous release and this release, disturbances to upstream data or problems with data sourced from Schedules Direct should not impact the guide too much. There is still a chance that if there are missing channels, but less than the 10% threshold, those channels will be missing from the guide. With the backups available, a quick recovery is possible.

Note for the backups: There is no limit to the number of backups you can have in the backup folder. If you change your configuration 100 times, you will have 100 config file backups.


09 June 2017: Quick release with some minor enhancements.

epg123Setup_v1.1.6.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8+
epg123_v1.1.6_w7.zip Portable package for Win7
epg123_v1.1.6_w8.zip Portable package for Win8+

  • [enhancement] In light of the problems the upstream source to Schedules Direct has caused for EPG123 users, I have added a sanity check in the EPG123 GUI. When saving the configuration, the number of expected channels to download will be evaluated prior to committing the changes. This will prevent unintentionally overwriting a configuration with bad lineup data.
  • [enhancement] Added a -P switch to epg123.exe to show the progress window while creating the MXF file.


06 June 2017: A lot of behind the scenes work in support of future growth in an all in one package.

epg123Setup_v1.1.5.zip for Win7/Win8+

  • [growth] Created installation package for future updates and upgrades
  • [growth] Revamped the trace and event logging for better support of multiple programs. Now have 2 sources in Event Viewer (EPG123 and EPG123Client) with Event IDs 0:SUCCESS, 0xBAD1:Warning, 0xDEAD:Error
  • [enhancement] Removed all console windows and now use progress windows to monitor updates and imports
  • [enhancement] No longer deletes the ehome folder during Step 1. Instead deletes contents of folder to allow for symbolic links or junctions to the ehome folder if desired. Same is true for the cache folder (no change)
  • [enhancement] Improved grab of movie images from Schedules Direct for Video-On-Demand and straight-to-video movies
  • [fix] Configuration GUI would not allow changing Schedules Direct password and would fail to login
  • [fix] There was a copy/paste error in determining series images (minor). Thanks NNate!
  • [fix] Found case where epg123Client would crash if failed to open the WMC database