v1.1.1 & v1.1.2 & v1.1.3 Release

03 March 2017: This version fixes the column sorting of the listviews (what v1.1.2 should have been) as well as removed reporting Md5 mismatches to the event log. Also of note, the guide has been updated to hopefully be clearer on how to get up and running with EPG123.

The self-extracting executable files are now contained in a zip file. This should limit the nagging from browsers and operating systems to just 1 instance (maybe 2). The real purpose is to ensure the .exe files are not flagged as downloaded/untrusted.

epg123_v1.1.3_w7.zip for Win7
epg123_v1.1.3_w8.zip for Win8+

Those upgrading from v1.0.2 and below still need to use the utility for a seamless transition.

epg123utility.zip for Win7/Win8+

Now let’s pretend v1.1.2 never happened.

27 February 2017: Quick release of v1.1.2 which corrects an issue with the listview sorters on systems that use a comma (,) as a decimal separator. Package is now a self-extracting 7-zip file for everyone’s convenience. No other changes from v1.1.1 to v1.1.2.

epg123_v1.1.2_w7.exe for Win7
epg123_v1.1.2_w8.exe for Win8+

NOTE: Though this version makes the GUIs functional for international users, the actual sorting is now broken. That has been corrected in the code and will be in the next release. Recommend continue using v1.1.1 if it works for your system configuration. (28 February 2017)

26 February 2017:

epg123_v1.1.1_w7.zip for Win7
epg123_v1.1.1_w8.zip for Win8+

Minor changes, but wanted to get something out there for the new Win10 users and to address the Md5 mismatch notices.

  • Added EventID 57005 (0xDEAD) to the event log for when EPG123 fails to update or import latest guide listings
  • Updated column sorters to treat channel numbers as Channel.Subchannel instead of decimal
  • Client form can now automatically adjust panel sizes for larger text display settings
  • Client form now shows number of merged channels, lineups, and service channels available in status bar
  • Database rebuild in safe mode will now rebuild everything except listings instead of just delete database file
  • Added a button to clear the cache in the EPG123 GUI (to include image links in guideImages.xml)
  • Task created for Win10 users now use NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKSERVICE account due to Win10 1607 Anniversary Update bug
    • Need to run GUI as administrator to see task status and exit code
  • Updated code in preparation for upcoming updates to Schedules Direct API
  • Corrected error when identifying and dealing with Md5 mismatches for programs and schedules