v1.1.0 Release


epg123_v1.1.0_w7.zip for Win7
epg123_v1.1.0_w8.zip for Win8+

Lots of improvements on this one. The most noticeable change is the epg123Client now has a GUI and a much larger purpose.

  • can perform Step 1 and database rebuild without going into Safe Mode
  • can subscribe/unsubscribe any channel to any lineup station
  • can perform matching of the entire channel listings to any selected lineup
  • can enable/disable a channel in the guide, delete channels, and rename channel call signs
  • identifies which lineup a channel is subscribed to
  • can create a scheduled task for client mode only or full mode


  • client will abort import if it detects a recording is in progress
  • sanity check on number of stations being imported to number of stations expected. If number is 90% or lower of expected, client will abort import
  • mismatched Md5 hashes between schedule entry and program will no longer prevent an update
  • fixed channel ID naming scheme which prevented some users of accessing some of their downloaded stations. This is a breaking change that requires user intervention for those upgrading to this version.

Other Improvements:

  • epg123 GUI responds much quicker and functions better
  • epg123 GUI now automatically logs in to Schedules Direct when opened
  • the automatch code has been reworked and seals some gaps to better handle changes in lineups
  • scheduled task has been improved and now controls the auto import and automatch options
  • sporting events are now identified by their title so they can be treated as part of the same series for recording purposes

For those upgrading from previous versions, there is a utility program and instructions included in the download describing what needs to be done. Upgraders also need to delete their existing scheduled task and create a new one with either the epg123 GUI or the epg123Client GUI.


Apparently, MS introduced a bug in Win10 version 1607 (anniversary update) that affects the execution of Scheduled Tasks. The bug causes only 1 action, of the possible 32 actions, in a task to execute unless the task Principal is elevated or a service. Unfortunately, my new scheme for scheduling update tasks with epg123 is to have 2 actions; 1 for epg123.exe and the other for epg123Client.exe. So for those running epg123 in full mode on Win10, you’re updating the MXF file but not importing it into WMC. You’re going to have to edit the task to get it to function fully. There are, of course, a number of ways to make the updates happen, but the below method is the least complicated. Reference the graphic below:

  1. Open Task Scheduler and select folder ‘Task Scheduler Library’.
  2. Double-click the epg123_update task and click the [Change User or Group…] button.
  3. Click [Advanced] button.
  4. Click [Find Now] button.
  5. Double-click the NETWORK SERVICE user.
  6. Close all windows by clicking [OK].

The side effect of doing the above is the epg123 GUI’s will no longer show the task status unless the window is opened with elevated privileges.