v1.0.2 Release

Mostly cosmetic changes. Pushing this release due to Microsoft once again deciding EPG123 is a trojan. I’m starting to think this is intentional.

  • Changed the created scheduled task to ‘Run with highest privileges’. Without it, epg123 would not successfully kick off the reindex task and had to do it old school.
  • Alters keyword/category listings to be TitleCase… the text would be ‘Science Fiction’ instead of ‘Science fiction’.
  • Added the language identifier to the programs.
  • Updated code in the lineup search to be much more flexible and robust at the same time. Also includes transmitter sites for Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Added 2 buttons to the GUI that will only be visible when OS is in safe mode
    • [Step 1: Clean Start] will be used during Step 1 to delete the ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome directory instead of requiring DOS commands
    • [Rebuild WMC Database] can be used to completely wipe out the database, and
      • restore the tuner channels, subscriptions,  and scheduled recordings
      • import the latest epg123 guide listings

The database rebuild is very useful when the guide just simply won’t correct itself of “missing” or wrong programs. If Zap2it says one thing, and your guide says another, then your guide is probably wrong. If it stays wrong for longer than a day, give the rebuild a shot.


epg123_v1.0.2_w7.zip for Win7
epg123_v1.0.2_w8.zip for Win8+