v1.0.1 Release

There are a lot more changes than you would expect after releasing v1.0.0 last month. Here are the highlights.

  • Reworked the tracing code to also add entries in the Event Log (see below). Note: to gain this feature, the epg123 GUI must be run once ‘as Administrator’ to create the registry entry.
  • Checks for 0-byte length cache files that were causing execution to fail (0-byte length files occur when the drive runs out of space).
  • Improved SDOverride flag to work correctly in all configurations.
  • Brought back any Paid Programming images that are available.
  • Corrected (again) the spacing for ‘Season XX, Episode YY’ in the episode description so it would appear properly in some views.
  • Includes the newly added ‘Oceania’ geographic zone to include Australia and New Zealand in the lineups able to be added to the client’s account.
  • Now cleans up the cache directory right after mxf file creation rather than after completion of the reindex task.
  • Back to the original method of calling the ‘ReindexSearchRoot’ task to perform reindexing. If the task is not available (deleted), then will revert to using the ehprivjob.exe method.
  • Prevents the host machine from entering sleep mode while updating the guide for those long downloads and short sleep timeouts.


epg123_v1.0.1_w7.7z or epg123_v1.0.1_w7.zip for Win7
epg123_v1.0.1_w8.7z or epg123_v1.0.1_w8.zip for Win8+