v0.9.8 Release

Minor updates mainly to support international users.

  • corrected problem with calculating movie star ratings. For European users, epg123 was not respecting the culture format of 2,5 in place of 2.5.
  • corrected sports images in 2 places. Oversight in previous releases was actually downloading the sports image links twice and archiving both. Corrected the error in allowing team logos to be used for an entire series of sports.
  • added some more error handling/logging in the epg123Client. Restored the logging of station match and unmatch in the trace.log file … lost in last update.
  • now includes actor/character names for TV series. This will double up on actors for all programs that already exist in guide; new downloads will not exhibit this issue.
  • no longer a pop-up when opening the GUI and there is an update available… there will be bold, red text on the bottom of the GUI declaring an update is available with the newest version displayed.

epg123_v0.9.8_w7.7z for Win7
epg123_v0.9.8_w8.7z for Win8+