v0.9.7 Release

This release is much more significant than I had anticipated, but it is all for the good.

  • the About Guide now provides the version of EPG123 in use, along with a notification if an update is available
  • there is a new option to automatically download newly added stations to your lineups
    • for CableCARD users, this means it will also be automatically added to your guide if automatch is enabled
    • there will be an alert in the trace.log file to identify any new channels regardless of choice to auto download or not
  • renamed executable from epgAutomatch.exe to epg123Client.exe to reflect new role
    • moved WMC database functions into epg123Client for whole home configurations
  • corrected oversight in not applying the isGeneric flag to pre- and post- sports event live shows which resulted in them being identified as Repeats
  • added “Miniseries Premiere” in the Premiere Category
  • renamed “_Premiere_” in the movie genres to simply “Premiere” for aesthetic reasons
  • now prevents Paid Programs from being identified as a series
    • currently this means there will be no art for the paid programs; might fix later


For updates: after copying over the executables and pdf, it is advised to, at a minimum, run epg123.exe and click ‘Save’. This will identify all stations in your lineups to create a baseline and save in the configuration file in support of the new auto download feature for added channels.

epg123_v0.9.7_w7.7z for Win7
epg123_v0.9.7_w8.7z for Win8+