4 Replies to “v0.7.2 Release”

  1. Twos

    Excellent Job!!!!
    I think this may be tool needed to future proof WMC.
    All that’s left is to hope the cable companies don’t screw things up.

  2. Twos

    Just one thing, is there a way to tell if you currently using the Schedules Direct data instead of ROVI??
    What will be displayed when you access the “About” tab inside of the Guide settings inside of WMC??

    • garyan2 Post author

      If you select the channel in the guide, you should notice the call sign includes “(EPG123)” after it. But most importantly, if you can see the “About” tab, you are infected with the Rovi “virus.” There is a risk if you continue, Rovi will make some changes on you, so be warned.

  3. garyan2 Post author

    Still learning how this site works, but I am closing comments here. I would like all communications right now to be on The Green Button forum to share with everyone involved. The link is on the right side for all you web browsers, and below for all you phone browsers.

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