v1.2.14 – v1.2.15 Release

22 July 2019

epg123Setup_v1.2.15.0.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10
epg123_v1.2.15.0.zip Portable package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10

Minor update for XMLTV files and minor fixes.

  • Include ability to add filler programs in the XMLTV file. The size of the program block and text are customizable in the epg123.cfg file.
<XmltvFillerProgramDescription>This program was generated by EPG123 to provide filler data for stations that did not receive any guide listings from the upstream source.</XmltvFillerProgramDescription>
  • Some cast & crew were being missed. Anyone with a “Narrator”, “Producer”, and “Story” roles will be assigned a “Host”, “Producer”, and “Writer” role respectively.
  • Step1: Clean Start will not delete any PlayReady files in the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome folder. Though there is no evidence it could be a problem to delete them, I went ahead and protected them.
  • Changed the embedded .NET 4 setup in the installation package from a Client install to a Full install. Found out that the Client was no longer sufficient. This will only benefit those with a clean Win 7 OS with only .NET 3.5 installed… so, not many.


30 June 2019

epg123Setup_v1.2.14.0.zip Installation package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10
epg123_v1.2.14.0.zip Portable package for Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10

This is mainly to address the issues of getting Warning status bugs due to no guide listings being provided by Schedules Direct/Gracenote on small community stations. Rather that continuously report a Warning, we now have the option to suppress them for those stations… specifically stations that start with GOAC, LOOR, EDAC, LEAC, PEG, LOAC, PPV, PUAC, SPALT, INFO. There is a new element in the epg123.cfg file to control what stations are suppressed.

<!– SuppressStationEmptyWarnings: Enter specific station callsigns, comma delimited, to suppress warnings for no guide data, or use a wildcard (*) for a group of callsigns. A solitary wildcard means all station warnings will be suppressed.–>


  • Add ability to suppress Warnings for various stations that are not guaranteed to have guide data
  • Removed possibility of duplicate channel numbers in XMLTV file for the same station
  • Improved initial setup experience (added recommended defaults and automatic fetch of headend lineups)

EPG123 Client

  • Improved initial setup experience (more automated & additional timeouts)
  • Added try/catch for applying Tweak WMC to catch possible errors

Transfer Tool

  • Improved initial setup experience (automatic transfer of eligible requests)
  • Added Manual Requests as well as OneTime Requests
    • OneTime Requests are not transferable (they are typically single program requests to include movies)