If you are here, then you are probably looking for a way to put an end to the WMC guide listings insanity.

Since July 2015, WMC users have witnessed an almost comical display of inaccurate guide information, mismatched artwork, TBA sporting events, large blocks of generic “Programming” information, wrong New/Repeat flags, and even disappearing or missing channels, all while Microsoft and the new guide provider, Rovi, point fingers at each other. All these problems make for a very bad TV, and an even worse DVR experience. To top it off, WMC users experience a complete stoppage of new guide information at least 4 times a year to the point where sometimes there are only hours left before the guide is empty (it’s even worse for international users).

EPG123 was created to allow WMC users to disconnect from the Microsoft/Rovi nightmare and use the excellent guide information provided by Gracenote through a membership to Schedules Direct. Some of the benefits of using EPG123 are:

  • Accurate and reliable guide information
  • Responsive support from both EPG123 and Schedules Direct
  • Movies with DVD cover art and star ratings
  • Optional season and episode information in title and/or description
  • Identified series, season, and mini-series premieres
  • Actors with character names in many programs
  • Ability to include custom station logos
  • Helpful movie genres and program categories for better searching
  • … peace of mind …


  • Membership to Schedules Direct ( 7-day free trial, $6USD for 2 months, $25USD for 1 year )
  • Windows 7/8/8.1 version of Windows Media Center
  • .NET Framework 4.0 minimum
  • 1GB hard drive space (typically much less)
  • Internet connection