v1.0.2 Release

Mostly cosmetic changes. Pushing this release due to Microsoft once again deciding EPG123 is a trojan. I’m starting to think this is intentional.

  • Changed the created scheduled task to ‘Run with highest privileges’. Without it, epg123 would not successfully kick off the reindex task and had to do it old school.
  • Alters keyword/category listings to be TitleCase… the text would be ‘Science Fiction’ instead of ‘Science fiction’.
  • Added the language identifier to the programs.
  • Updated code in the lineup search to be much more flexible and robust at the same time. Also includes transmitter sites for Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Added 2 buttons to the GUI that will only be visible when OS is in safe mode
    • [Step 1: Clean Start] will be used during Step 1 to delete the ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome directory instead of requiring DOS commands
    • [Rebuild WMC Database] can be used to completely wipe out the database, and
      • restore the tuner channels, subscriptions,  and scheduled recordings
      • import the latest epg123 guide listings

The database rebuild is very useful when the guide just simply won’t correct itself of “missing” or wrong programs. If Zap2it says one thing, and your guide says another, then your guide is probably wrong. If it stays wrong for longer than a day, give the rebuild a shot.


epg123_v1.0.2_w7.zip for Win7
epg123_v1.0.2_w8.zip for Win8+

v1.0.1 Release

There are a lot more changes than you would expect after releasing v1.0.0 last month. Here are the highlights.

  • Reworked the tracing code to also add entries in the Event Log (see below). Note: to gain this feature, the epg123 GUI must be run once ‘as Administrator’ to create the registry entry.
  • Checks for 0-byte length cache files that were causing execution to fail (0-byte length files occur when the drive runs out of space).
  • Improved SDOverride flag to work correctly in all configurations.
  • Brought back any Paid Programming images that are available.
  • Corrected (again) the spacing for ‘Season XX, Episode YY’ in the episode description so it would appear properly in some views.
  • Includes the newly added ‘Oceania’ geographic zone to include Australia and New Zealand in the lineups able to be added to the client’s account.
  • Now cleans up the cache directory right after mxf file creation rather than after completion of the reindex task.
  • Back to the original method of calling the ‘ReindexSearchRoot’ task to perform reindexing. If the task is not available (deleted), then will revert to using the ehprivjob.exe method.
  • Prevents the host machine from entering sleep mode while updating the guide for those long downloads and short sleep timeouts.


epg123_v1.0.1_w7.7z or epg123_v1.0.1_w7.zip for Win7
epg123_v1.0.1_w8.7z or epg123_v1.0.1_w8.zip for Win8+

v1.0.0 Rebuild

Evidently Microsoft Security Essentials (Antivirus) detects the original binaries of 1.0.0 as containing a trojan (Win32/Codinx.B!cl). Rather than rush a new build out that I am working on, I just recompiled the same code of 1.0.0 with a slight change in order to not be detected as a virus.

The rebuild binary now performs the cache directory cleanup immediately after creating the mxf file rather than waiting until after the mxf file has been imported into the WMC database. That change was enough to be determined “clean”. What a PITA.

epg123_v1.0.0_w7_rebuild.7z for Win7
epg123_v1.0.0_w8_rebuild.7z for Win8+

v1.0.0 Release!

This one has been a long time coming. Originally just wanted to get something for the Hauppauge! HD PVR/Colossus users to completely break from the MS/Rovi mess, but seemed to have found some minor bugs to fix as well.

  • Hauppauge! HD PVR/Colossus users can now function without MS/Rovi setup data. Also now have 9999 channels just like the CableCARD users with all the benefits.
  • Added a new checkbox in the GUI for appending the description with Season XX, Episode YY information instead of being automatic when episode prefix if false. This basically now gives 4 options to presenting season/episode information; sXXeYY in episode title, Season XX, Episode YY in description, both, or none.
  • There is now another undocumented tweak in the epg123.cfg file called SDOverride. The HDOverride will flag all programs on a station as HD, while the SDOverride will removed all HD flags from a station.
  • User now has the ability to exclude any lineup on their account with Schedules Direct. This is a very nice feature if you use multiple lineups for multiple hardware/tuner configurations.
  • There is a limitation of 100 keywords per keyword group in the category searches. A workaround has been found and we now have the capability for 200 which should be plenty.
  • Corrected a bug where it was assumed all language identifiers from SD would strictly be the 2 letter ISO language name… evidently not. This caused some (specifically our Great Britain friends “en-GB”) to not get program descriptions.


epg123_v1.0.0_w7.7z for Win7
epg123_v1.0.0_w8.7z for Win8+

v0.9.9 Release

Very minor update for guide images. Whether due to an oversight by me, or changes to the Gracenote data structure, there were many series images that were missing. I also added a “Paid Programming” category just for completeness. If there is anyone out there searching for paid programming to watch, you can now find them easily.

epg123_v0.9.9_w7.7z for Win7
epg123_v0.9.9_w8.7z for Win8+

v0.9.8 Release

Minor updates mainly to support international users.

  • corrected problem with calculating movie star ratings. For European users, epg123 was not respecting the culture format of 2,5 in place of 2.5.
  • corrected sports images in 2 places. Oversight in previous releases was actually downloading the sports image links twice and archiving both. Corrected the error in allowing team logos to be used for an entire series of sports.
  • added some more error handling/logging in the epg123Client. Restored the logging of station match and unmatch in the trace.log file … lost in last update.
  • now includes actor/character names for TV series. This will double up on actors for all programs that already exist in guide; new downloads will not exhibit this issue.
  • no longer a pop-up when opening the GUI and there is an update available… there will be bold, red text on the bottom of the GUI declaring an update is available with the newest version displayed.

epg123_v0.9.8_w7.7z for Win7
epg123_v0.9.8_w8.7z for Win8+

v0.9.7 Release

This release is much more significant than I had anticipated, but it is all for the good.

  • the About Guide now provides the version of EPG123 in use, along with a notification if an update is available
  • there is a new option to automatically download newly added stations to your lineups
    • for CableCARD users, this means it will also be automatically added to your guide if automatch is enabled
    • there will be an alert in the trace.log file to identify any new channels regardless of choice to auto download or not
  • renamed executable from epgAutomatch.exe to epg123Client.exe to reflect new role
    • moved WMC database functions into epg123Client for whole home configurations
  • corrected oversight in not applying the isGeneric flag to pre- and post- sports event live shows which resulted in them being identified as Repeats
  • added “Miniseries Premiere” in the Premiere Category
  • renamed “_Premiere_” in the movie genres to simply “Premiere” for aesthetic reasons
  • now prevents Paid Programs from being identified as a series
    • currently this means there will be no art for the paid programs; might fix later


For updates: after copying over the executables and pdf, it is advised to, at a minimum, run epg123.exe and click ‘Save’. This will identify all stations in your lineups to create a baseline and save in the configuration file in support of the new auto download feature for added channels.

epg123_v0.9.7_w7.7z for Win7
epg123_v0.9.7_w8.7z for Win8+

v0.9.6 Release

Some pretty cool enhancements on this release.

  • added a “Premieres” category for search which will show Series Premieres and Season Premieres for everything but movies
  • added a “_Premiere_” genre for movies to take care of the rest
  • added a button on the GUI (probably temporary) to download all the station logos provided by SD/Gracenote for the user to use/modify into the .\logos directory
  • added a checkbox to allow the “New” flag to override any Original Air Date from the program metadata. This will correct oversights in the data for live sports, or programs that are new to the clients host country. It is not yet understood of any possible negative side effects so use at your own risk. This is easily recovered by unchecking the box and running another update.
  • limited the number of reported time discontinuities in the schedule to only 1 per schedule day. Provides enough information for investigation and doesn’t flood the trace.log file with repetitive information.

There is also a new feature that currently only resides in the epg123.cfg file. For every station in the file there is now an attribute called “HDOverride” which if set to true will ensure that every program on that station is identified as HD. There is an interesting feature of WMC which remembers the zoom setting for HD programs and the zoom setting for SD programs. If the program is not properly identified as HD, then WMC will automatically change the zoom setting to the latest SD zoom.

epg123_v0.9.6_w7.7z for Win7
epg123_v0.9.6_w8.7z for Win8+

I did not update the documentation for the above GUI changes since I would consider them trial features at the moment…they may not survive (though I’m thinking they probably will in some form).

v0.9.4 Release

Quick release to provide more information when there is a WebException thrown from Schedules Direct. Also now has proper parsing of the 4DTV channels to remove the satellite designator and only use the channel number for automatching.

v0.9.3 appears to be a great success, and it shows with the 190 downloads in the last 4 days. We are in the final stretch, so if anyone has any improvements they would like, even nit-picky ones, let me know at The Green Button.

epg123_v0.9.4_w7.7z for Win7
epg123_v0.9.4_w8.7z for Win8+